How to use beeswax for furniture maintenance?

The most commonly used maintenance agents are walnut oil and beeswax. These two curing agents have their own advantages and disadvantages. Walnut oil should not be used for a long time, so as not to damage the original structure of the wood fiber and reduce the strength of the wood. Beeswax is a kind of care product suitable for long-term use, so how to use beeswax for furniture maintenance?

How to use beeswax for furniture maintenance

Some wax

First of all, what we need to do is to apply wax, which is to apply the beeswax for maintaining the furniture evenly on the surface of the furniture. This is mainly to apply the maintenance wax evenly on the furniture during the subsequent waxing process. Parts, so that all parts can be fully maintained. The second step is cloth wax. Spread the wax on the top in a uniform heating process, and then heat the wax. The temperature of the wax is slightly lower than the temperature of the cloth wax, which makes the wax slow during the heat movement. Slowly penetrate into the material, allowing the furniture to be better warmed.


Waxing requires a special waxing tool-wax shovel (commonly known as wax screwdriver), which is generally made of horns. For ordinary planes, you only need to grind the head of the wax shovel flat, but for some hollow or other angular parts, you need to choose the wax shovel according to the actual situation. It is worth noting that the waxing process needs to be done in one go to avoid uneven floating wax and affect the appearance of the furniture. Finally, use a pure cotton cloth to wipe along the texture of the furniture, and ensure the strength and speed during the wiping process, so that the furniture after wiping will be more shiny.

Precautions for wax cleaning and maintenance of furniture

1. When wiping the wax, be sure to wipe it in place, and don't let any blind spots go. Don't miss things like the back and sides. For mahogany furniture with drawers, it is recommended to wax the bottom of the drawer or the drawer frame to reduce friction and extend the service life.  

2. Choose a suitable color for the furniture. For furniture with patterns or light-colored wood, such as Huanghuali furniture, natural colored wax that should not change the color of the wood should be used. Other dark woods such as red sandalwood can use brown or black wax to accentuate the beautiful patterns on the furniture.

Why do you need to wax up your furniture?

Why should wood furniture be waxed

Before any tree becomes wood, the trunk is saturated with water or gum. In the process of making usable wood, water and gum will be lost, and the wood will lose its original luster and vitality. Some textures are therefore dim and unknown; beeswax is the best choice to fill the lost water and gum, re-nourish the wood and regenerate its vitality, restore the original luster and vivid natural texture.

What are the benefits of waxing wooden furniture

Waxing not only moisturizes and restores the vitality of the wood, but also because the wax itself has water-repellent and natural soft gloss characteristics, it can form a protective layer on the wood surface, isolate water and improve the gloss texture of the surface, extend the service life and improve the object Value; at the same time, the wax will not completely seal the original pores of the wood, and will not affect the natural fragrance distribution and the respiration of thermal expansion and contraction.

How much beeswax needs to be purchased to maintain furniture

The amount is not only related to the size of the object itself, but also related to the type of wood and whether it has been surface treated; generally speaking , Softwood absorbs more wax than hardwood, and unpainted logs absorb more wax than painted objects. The actual amount varies from case to case.