Wood Beeswax Polish

Usually it means that beeswax can wax and polish wood products to protect and beautify.

1. Waxing wood products means that after the wood semi-finished products are polished, a layer of wood explosion-proof agent must be applied to the wood products. The reason is to better lock the moisture in the wood, and then put the wood products in the shade for one day.

2. After drying, the parts are sanded with 400# sandpaper, and then with 1000# sandpaper. The purpose of polishing is to increase the texture, and the furniture will look more beautiful and delicate. All parts must be polished in place. After polishing, use a brush to remove the floating dust, especially for the recessed parts, and then blow the surface with a hair dryer.

3. Check whether the wood products are polished cleanly and smoothly.

4. After checking that the wood products meet the requirements, choose better quality beeswax. When waxing, you can put the beeswax into the iron tong, and then heat it on the stove. After the beeswax is melted, rub the surface of the mahogany parts evenly with a soft cotton cloth. When rubbing, you need to use a lot of force to repeat it along the direction of the wood grain so that the wax can penetrate the parts well.

5. After waxing the wood products, leave it for one day, wait for the wax to fully penetrate the wood, and then polish, and wax again.

6. After waxing the wood products, if you want the wax to penetrate into the wood products more quickly and dry faster, the wood products after the wax are more in line with the requirements.