What are organic beeswax?


Organic beeswax refers to the natural beeswax secreted from organic bees. Organic honey is absolutely forbidden to use any bee medicine. There is no chemical addition in the processing and production process. It is a good beeswax in beeswax.

Nectar plants are important

Nectar plants are actually the most important factor in determining the quality of honey. Ordinary honey does not have any strict requirements on nectar plants, as long as it can provide bees with nectar (liquid secreted by plant nectaries), while organic honey requires Bees cannot collect the nectar of genetically modified plants, let alone artificially feed the honey bee colony with syrup or other feed. Therefore, organic beeswax comes from this organic bee.

No pesticides

In the process of breeding, bees will inevitably be infested by various pests and diseases. For this reason, beekeepers often use various bee medicines to prevent and control these pests of bees. Once the honey is brewed by the queen bee colony, it can no longer be called organic honey. This means that organic honey is absolutely forbidden to use any bee medicine, while ordinary honey allows restricted use of bee medicine to prevent pests and diseases.

No chemical pollution

Beeswax itself is a purely natural food that does not require any additives, but some businesses or beekeepers often use additives to achieve certain purposes. That is to say, other chemicals such as other waxes are added during the processing of beeswax. No additives can be called organic honey anymore, it should be called synthetic beeswax