Melting point of beeswax

The melting point of beeswax is 60-67℃, insoluble in water, soluble in hot ethanol, ether and oils.

Determination Of Melting Point


Unless specified otherwise, pure chemicals and distilled water shall be used in tests.


2.1: Thermometer — With an accuracy of 0.1 ºC and graduated at every 0.1 ºC.

2.2: Test Tube — With centrally bored cork to take thermometer and with a slit to permit air circulation.

2.3: Water Bath — With a thermometer.


3.1: Melt the wax by warming it in water bath at a temperature just sufficient to melt it.

3.2: Dip the thermometer and withdraw, so as to get the bulb thinly coated with wax.

3.3: Insert the thermometer into the test tube through the bored cork and then place the test tube in the water bath.

3.4: Rise the temperature gradually, at the rate of 1 ºC in 3 minutes. Note the temperature, accurately to 0.1 ºC, at which a transparent drop forms on the end of the thermometer bulb.

3.5: Record this temperature as the melting point of the beeswax