Hydrocarbons content in beeswax

Hydrocarbons are usually called hydrocarbons. Organic compounds composed of two elements of carbon and hydrogen are called hydrocarbons. The main components of beeswax are compounds synthesized from high-grade fatty acids and monohydric alcohols, fatty acids and hydrocarbons. Compound.

This standard applies to beeswax with a hydrocarbon content of 14%-40%

SThe sample is dissolved in petroleum ether and passed through a silica gel column. The lipids, acids and other polar substances in beeswax are adsorbed by silica gel, and non-polar hydrocarbons are separated out, and then quantified by weight method

Silica gel chromatography uses 100-200 mesh. Before use, it needs to be activated in an oven at 125° for 5-6 hours, then take it out and place it in a desiccator for later use.

Petroleum ether: analytically pure, boiling range 30-60 and 60-90 (petroleum ether is redistilled before use)

Instrument: chromatography column, length 30-40cm, inner diameter 2cm

Operate and calculate according to SN/T 0621-1996 standard