What are beeswax pellets?


Beeswax pellets refer to natural beeswax after purification and filtration. After multiple processing, beeswax in flake or granular form, beeswax particles are widely used. Its unit weight has a large surface area and the chemical substances inside are easy to emit The advantages of it can facilitate secondary processing and utilization.

BEESWAXexpert Brand Beeswax Pellets

BEESWAXexpert beeswax pellets come from natural beeswax. After preliminary treatment, melting, scum, and filtering, beeswax is granulated into granular beeswax.

Generally, beeswax consists of hydrocarbons (14 per cent ), mono-esters (35 per cent), diesters (14 per cent), triesters (3 per cent), hydroxymonoester (4 percent), hydroxy-polyesters (8 per cent), free acids (12 per cent), acid esters (1 per cent) acid polyesters (2 per cent), free alcohols (1 per cent ) and unidentified substances including pigments and proprolis (6 per cent)

Beeswax pellet processing technology

The beeswax particle generating device includes a wax melting pipe with multiple wax melting outlets, a cooling drum under the wax melting outlet, and a cooling water tank under the cooling drum. It also includes an air pressure increasing device, which has an air outlet pipe The air outlet pipe is connected to the wax melting pipe, the middle of the air outlet pipe is wound with an electric heating pipe, and the cooling drum is also provided with multiple grooves. Such beeswax particle generating device has the advantages of being able to produce smaller particles and meeting some special requirements.

Characteristics of natural beeswax blocks

1. Melting point (ºC): 62 - 65
2. Specific gravity at 20° - 25 ºC: 0.9500 - 0.9600
3. Refractive index at 75 ºC: 1.4398 -1.4455
4. Saponification cloud point (ºC), max.: 65
5. Acid value: 17 - 24
6. Ester-value: 70 - 79
7. Ester-acid ratio: 3.0 -4.3
8. Saponification value: 88 - 102
9. Iodine value, max.: 10
10. Ash, % by mass, max.: 0.6
11. Fats, fatty acid, Japan wax and rosin: to pass test
12. Hydrocarbons content: 18 %

Common beeswax pellets pictures

There are two kinds of beeswax pellets, white pellets and yellow pellets