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Xuchang Customs helps Changge beeswax products export


On June 23, Xuchang Customs, a subsidiary of Zhengzhou Customs, carried out inspection and supervision of the beeswax exported by BEESWAXexpert, and passed the customs smoothly after passing the inspection.

Xuchang is China's largest bee product processing and distributing center. The export volume of beeswax, propolis and bee pollen all ranks first in the country. In order to help bee product export companies actively respond to the impact of the epidemic and ensure the smooth export of bee products in the jurisdiction, Xuchang Customs has strengthened the study of importing countries' access standards and temporary trade measures, paid close attention to the problems in bee product exports, and made various measures to help the export of bee products in the jurisdiction. Realize growth against the trend.

Actively collect and study the import access standards and temporary trade measures of bee products from EU, ASEAN and other countries and regions, establish an online and offline communication mechanism between customs and enterprises, effectively stabilize the original export market, and help enterprises to explore new international markets such as India and Iran; improve exports Bee product quality and safety risk prevention and control system, for export of low-risk products such as melted beeswax, through subdivided supervision items, the inspection rate is greatly reduced, the frequency of on-site inspections is reduced by more than 90%, which effectively reduces the burden on enterprises and improves the timeliness of customs clearance; Optimize the corporate supervision and management system, strengthen credit management, strengthen corporate responsibilities, shift from product supervision to production process supervision, and actively guide export bee product companies to establish and improve quality and safety control systems, and effectively control raw and auxiliary materials, process monitoring, and product automation Self-control.

From January to May, Xuchang City exported 4,742 tons of bee products with a value of 177 million yuan, an increase of 22.3% and 22.9% year-on-year respectively, including honey, propolis, bee pollen, royal jelly and other categories. The market covers the EU, ASEAN, etc.64 Countries.



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