The role of beeswax in lipstick

Honey wax is a relatively common type of bee products. It is a product secreted by worker bees and an important substance when bees make honeycombs. This kind of beeswax is widely used in industry and is indispensable in many cosmetics. The important raw materials of lipsticks, like women's favorite lipsticks, most of them will contain beeswax. So what is the role of beeswax in lipsticks?

Beeswax has a high status in lipsticks. It can nourish and protect people's lips. The lipstick made with it has excellent moisturizing effect, can keep the lip moisture from losing, and reduce the appearance of chapped lips. In addition, there are many important ingredients in beeswax that are beneficial to the lip skin. Using it to make lipstick is beneficial to people's absorption of these nutrients.

How to make beeswax lipstick


  1, beeswax is the most important, it needs about one teaspoon, and then about eight teaspoons Olive oil, there is a need to prepare the right amount of vitamin e and high-quality honey.

  2. There are not many tools needed to make beeswax lipstick, just a measuring cup and a clean, high-temperature resistant glass.

  Specific steps:

  1. Put the prepared olive oil and beeswax into the spare measuring cup, then gently shake the measuring cup to mix them evenly .

  2. Pour the solution in the measuring cup into the prepared glass, then put it in the pot and steam until the beeswax is completely melted.

  3. Add the prepared vitamins and natural honey to the solution, then mix it thoroughly, then pour the liquid into the lipstick tube, and then store it in the refrigerator for ten minutes used.

  Precautions for homemade beeswax lipstick

  When you make your own beeswax lipstick, if you don't have olive oil, you can use other cooking oil instead, but the moisturizing effect is not as good as olive oil. In addition, when adding vitamin E, you need to cut the capsule with scissors and squeeze out the solution inside before it can be used, otherwise the vitamin E will not function properly.