Ancient Egypt used beeswax to make wigs

Modern people's lives are under great pressure. If they want to have a better life, they can only stay up late and work overtime. This has caused many people to be bald. The current solution-only a wig can be saved. However, a wig was also unearthed in the tomb of the mysterious ancient Egyptian priestess. This wig is not only made of braided hair, but also covered with beeswax.

How was this wig made in backward ancient Egypt? After studying the history of ancient Egypt, the production team discovered that the ancient Egyptian wig craftsmen had a set of very suitable haircut tools. They could make the prepared hair into braids or wigs, and finally, each piece was wrapped in heated A fixing agent mixed with beeswax and resin, because the melting point of beeswax is about 60°C, when it cools and becomes firm, it can make the hair stable even in the hot weather in Egypt.