Encyclopedia knowledge of beeswax

Chemical properties of beeswax

Different beeswaxes are roughly the same in chemical composition, but the content of each chemical composition is different. The research found that West Beeswax is composed of more than 300 compounds, the main chemical components include: esters formed by alkanol and alkanoic acid (70%-72%), free fatty acids (14%-15%), mainly saturated hydrocarbons The hydrocarbons (12%) also include some free fatty alcohols, water and minerals, and a small amount of flavonoids, vitamins, pigments, etc. Xu Jingyao et al. found that the monolipid content of medium beeswax reached 54.0%, which was lower than western beeswax; the ester content formed by palmitic acid and triacontanol was 21%; medium beeswax had higher hydrocarbon content than western beeswax; The free acid of beeswax is also lower than that of beeswax. The advent of gas-liquid chromatography allows us to accurately and quantitatively detect the chemical composition of beeswax.