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how to make beeswax

Among our bee products, there is another bee product that we are most familiar with, and that is the beeswax we often say. Although beeswax has not become the main edible bee product, it has Important use. I believe many of my friends have had their own experience. The beeswax we bought looks clean and free of impurities. Did you use any machine to make it? I don't know whether there is a bee tribe for such a machine, but there is a way to make beeswax that is very clean and there are no impurities at all, which is similar to what we bought from the Internet. So how is this beeswax purified? Today, the bee tribe is here to share a little knowledge about the purification of beeswax with friends, hoping to help our friends in beekeeping.
If you want to purify beeswax, the first step is to collect beeswax. Many friends can't help but ask if there are so many beeswax for sale on the Internet, is there any professional method to produce beeswax? In the view of the bee tribe, there is no good way to produce beeswax professionally. Generally, it is the beeswax that we cut off the spleen when we shake the honey, and the irregular beeswax that we cut off when we check the colony, and the drone hive. The beeswax produced by the excision, the base mouth cut out in the production of royal jelly, and the old comb spleen produced when we replace the bee spleen every day. Apart from these, it seems that there is really no place where beeswax can be reproduced. There is no good way to produce beeswax professionally. After all, we have to pay attention to the trade-offs. If we want bees to produce a lot of beeswax, it will definitely not be difficult for our smart beekeepers, but for our daily life, having these beeswax is enough After all, the economic benefits of beeswax are not as good as honey. So how do we purify these collected beeswax into common beeswax on the market?
In fact, there are some relatively modern wax pressing machines, but in the eyes of the bee tribe, it is our most primitive method. The beeswax made is called pure. Our most primitive way is to mash the beeswax we collected, and then soak it in clean water for two or three days. Through this soak, we can remove some of the impurities, and then we can take the beeswax out and put it in Woven bags (generally called snakeskin bags in Guizhou, are white woven bags with very small holes, and the bee tribe feels that this kind of bag is better for this purpose).
After we have installed the beeswax, boil a pot of water to boil, and then put the beeswax from which we have removed some impurities into the pot together with the woven bag. The high temperature will cause the beeswax to flow out of the woven bag and float on the water. The beeswax is floating in the large and small containers on the beeswax funnel on the water surface. After the beeswax is cooled, it can be poured out, and the impurities at the bottom are removed, so that we can get pure beeswax. This is a relatively primitive method of purification of beeswax, but there are already relatively standardized wax pressing machines on the market, and the price is not too expensive, but for beeswax where the demand for beeswax is not large, the most primitive method is used to purify beeswax. There are still many beekeepers.

There is also a simple step of making beeswax

Steps of making beeswax:

  1. Take out an appropriate amount of honeycomb.
  2. Get a pot and add the right amount of water.
  3. Add an appropriate amount of honeycomb to it, and boil it on high heat.
  4. Find a strainer, filter the water in the pot, throw away the honeycomb residue, leaving only the mixture of water and wax.
  5. Cool the mixture or put it in the refrigerator until the water and wax layer separate.
  6. The wax can be removed after the surface is completely cold and solidified.