Encyclopedia knowledge of beeswax

Collection and storage of beeswax

1. COLLECTION: The collection of beeswax is mostly done in spring and autumn. Beekeepers strengthen the management of the bee colony to promote more wax secretion and more spleen building. Then the old comb spleen that has been used for many years, the spleen that has been built, the wax cover of the hive, the foundation and the cut off when the honey is shaken are cut off. The honey covers are collected and extracted manually. Generally, the honeycomb after removing the honey is heated and melted in a water pot to remove the upper layer of cocoon, bee carcasses, foam and other impurities, filter it while it is hot, let it cool, and the beeswax will condense into blocks, float on the water, and take it out. It is yellow wax. The yellow wax 39 apitherapy net is refined and decolorized to become white wax.

2. STORAGE: Beeswax is a fatty substance and is solid at room temperature. Therefore, beeswax can be stored at room temperature to achieve long-term permanent storage. Generally, it should be placed in a dry, ventilated, and cool place, not in direct sunlight, and strictly prohibited. Long-term sun exposure will not only reduce the color of beeswax, but also slowly melt and decompose beeswax until it is completely decomposed and volatilized. Beeswax is a flammable substance, so it must be stored away from fire and power sources to prevent fire. Although the composition of beeswax is quite complex, it is easy to preserve because it does not contain biologically active substances. Because beeswax has the sweet and fragrant smell of pollen and nectar, it is easy to be bitten by insects and rats; some nest insects like beeswax, so it must be sterilized, sealed in bags and stored in a cool place. Do not put beeswax in the same place as volatile items, because beeswax can easily absorb a variety of volatile chemical crystals, causing pollution and poisoning. Avoid contact with metal utensils such as iron, copper, zinc, etc., because these metals can discolor the beeswax and cause heavy metal pollution.