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Worker beeswax gland secretions Beeswax is the secretion of 13-18-day-old worker beeswax glands in the colony. The colony uses beeswax to build the spleen and cover the nest (the honey is fully brewed and mature and the bee larvae need to be pupated. Use beeswax to cover). In the production of beekeeping, beekeepers often use the discarded comb spleen to make beeswax. Simply put, the comb spleen is boiled in water and filtered, and the filtrate will float on the water after cooling. The beeswax is yellow wax when it is taken out, and the yellow wax can be purified and decolorized to obtain white wax.
You can buy beeswax online in all major e-commerce platforms, bee product stores and some bee farms. Although it is convenient to buy in e-commerce online stores, the possibility of buying fake beeswax is relatively high and the most secure Contact BEESWAXexpert directly to purchase, BEESWAXEXPERT SUPPLY NATURAL PURE BEESWAX SINCE 1984. BEESWAXexpert sales engineers are willing to serve you at any time.
Although fake beeswax is not as common as honey, propolis and royal jelly, there is still a certain amount of fake beeswax in the market. Therefore, you must have a basic understanding of real beeswax before buying. Under normal circumstances, real beeswax is light yellow or brown. Or dark brown solid, bright and dull color, uneven and grainy surface, with a fragrance similar to honey and bee pollen, chewing like chewing gum and not sticky to teeth. If you are not satisfied with any of these items, you must be vigilant.
Beeswax is the cheapest of all bee products. In fact, it is precisely because of the low price and low market demand that many small and medium-sized apiaries do not produce beeswax, or only produce a very small amount of beeswax for emergencies. , BEESWAXexpert collects and purchases in pure places around the world, and uses modern equipment to extract beeswax so that you can buy natural and pure beeswax.