Encyclopedia knowledge of beeswax

Application of beeswax in medical industry

1. After beeswax is completely saponified, white oil or volatile oil is added to make various ointments, emulsions and suppositories, which can be used to treat many diseases.

2. The beeswax made into ointment and ceramide can treat ulcers, furuncles, burns and wounds.

3. Mouth chewing beeswax can treat pharyngitis and maxillary sinusitis. Chewing capping wax can enhance respiratory immunity and treat rhinitis, paranasal sinus mucositis and hay fever.

4. The beeswax is made into a cool pressing cloth ointment and applied to the affected part to treat obstructive endoarteritis, periodontitis and spastic colitis.

5. The compound of beeswax mixed with calcium carbonate, mineral oil and pure rosin can treat chronic mastitis, eczema, burns, gouging, ringworm, dermatitis, seminal vesicles, abscessed papilloma.

6. A spray made of beeswax, lanolin, borax and water can produce a protective film on the wound, avoid re-infection of the wound, and promote wound healing.

7. Pure beeswax is still a traditional Chinese medicine. It can be used to treat hemorrhoids or bruises when it is compatible with other Chinese medicines.