Encyclopedia knowledge of beeswax

The benefits of using beeswax to lure bees

1, beeswax can attract detective bees

In the spring, when the external honey powder is sufficient, the bee colony will develop rapidly and will be divided. If beekeepers want to successfully trap bee colonies in the wild for artificial breeding, they can put a large number of trapping tools in the wild, such as old beehives, wooden barrels, plastic buckets and so on. If you want to increase the success of trapping tools, you can burn or brush beeswax for various trapping tools, which can attract the arrival of detective bees.

2, beeswax will not attract ants

March is a good time for the outside world to bloom. The bee colony in the wild is well developed and strong due to the sufficient honey powder, and the phenomenon of bee splitting will naturally appear. For beekeepers to successfully lure bees, they must grasp this peak period of bee separation and put trapping tools in the wild. These traps are best to brush or burn beeswax with the fragrance of honey powder. Because the trapping tool is better to burn beeswax than using honey and sugar water to lure detective bees, at least beeswax is not as easy as honey water to attract a large number of ants to interfere with the trapping effect.

3, beeswax enables the colony to find the location

In the middle of spring, the outside world is full of honey powder, and it is also the time when the wild bee colony develops the most powerful. If beekeepers want to increase the number of bees or find nests of bee colonies, beekeepers can use beeswax with honey powder fragrance to burn or brush them in various trapping tools. In this way, it is easy to find the spot of trapping tools through the scent of beeswax for the sensitive detective bees in the wild. Once the scouting bee leads a large force over, the beekeeper can wait for the bee collection.

4, beeswax can increase the rate of attracting bees

Beeswax is the raw material for constructing comb spleen, so it will smell of honey powder or bee colony. If the beekeeper wants to use the external honey powder to increase the success rate of trapping the colony when the bee colony enters the peak period of separation, they can use the beeswax brush to attract the beeswax to attract the wild. The detective bees came to investigate, to improve the success rate of attracting bees, and bring great harvest to beekeepers. In summary, the advantage of using beeswax for trapping bees is that it can strengthen the attraction of the arrival of detective bees, and it will not easily attract ants to interfere with the location of trapping tools by the detective bees, thereby increasing the beekeeper's ability to trap bee colonies in the wild. The success rate, the number of bee colonies brought to beekeepers has increased.