How to make beeswax cream

Step 1

As the oil temperature drops, heat the pure water to 40 degrees at this time. The oil wax starts to solidify and the temperature is about 40 degrees. Start to slowly add pure water in portions and stir with an electric stirring rod. Each time the oil and water are fused, add it again. Test method of beeswax instead of emulsifier

Step 2

Continue to stir the beeswax instead of the emulsifier test method

Step 3

Adding 55 grams of water is in the state of frost, and when all is added, it is in the state of milk, beeswax instead of emulsifier test method

Step 4

The test method of water-in-oil, beeswax instead of emulsifier when the water is applied to the skin immediately

Step 5

The test method of moisturizing beeswax instead of emulsifier

Step 6

Finally, the test method of making lavender jasmine facial cream and beeswax instead of emulsifier according to this ratio


30g edible sunflower oil, 10g vitamin E, 100ml jasmine hydrosol One tablespoon of honey (lavender honey), mix well in the pure dew, 5g beeswax, a few drops of lavender essential oil, no preservatives are added, so refrigerate it and use it up within three weeks. Sunflower oil is used here because I like it It has the effect of repairing damaged skin, and it is lighter and thinner like absorption. After all, this lotion is not emulsified with a real emulsifier, water and oil are not really melted together. The lotion can be replaced with sweet almond oil or grape seed oil.