Beeswax Cream

Beeswax cream generally refers to the use of beeswax and other raw materials to make cream cosmetics.

Formulation: beeswax (5%), EXV olive oil (extracted from cloves, etc.) (30%), natural vitamin E oil (10%), and the rest will be supplemented with rose pure dew 100%, rose essential oil, frankincense essential oil.

How to make:

1. First weigh the beeswax and place it in a beaker to dissolve in water. After the beeswax is completely melted, add olive oil and vitamin E oil. When olive oil and vitamin E oil are added, the already melted beeswax Suddenly it will condense back when it is cold. This time, the re-condensation only needs a little heating to melt immediately.

2. Weigh the rose pure dew in another beaker and place it in hot water for a little heating. The temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. (Using beeswax as emulsifier is not as strict as wheat germ emulsifier. The temperature is heated to about 70 degrees). Just touch the shell of the beaker with your hand to feel warm.

3. Slowly pour the heated pure dew into the same heated oil phase, while stirring continuously, until it becomes creamy, and finally add rose essential oil and frankincense essential oil, and then stir Just even.