What is beeswax block?


Beeswax blocks are various block shapes of beeswax obtained by purification, filtration, and casting of natural beeswax. Block beeswax is convenient for packaging and transportation, and it can be used for secondary use.

BEESWAXexpert Brand Beeswax Block

BEESWAXexpert beeswax block is from natural beeswax, after preliminary treatment, melting, scumming, decantation and moulding.

Generally, beeswax consists of hydrocarbons (14 per cent ), mono-esters (35 per cent), diesters (14 per cent), triesters (3 per cent), hydroxymonoester (4 percent), hydroxy-polyesters (8 per cent), free acids (12 per cent), acid esters (1 per cent) acid polyesters (2 per cent), free alcohols (1 per cent ) and unidentified substances including pigments and proprolis (6 per cent)

Simple method of making beeswax block

1. When making beeswax, melting wax is the most important step. Waxing is to put the prepared beeswax or old honeycomb into a large pot of melting wax, then add a small amount of water, and wait for it. After all the components of the beeswax are liquid, pour it into a heat-preserving tank and add some hot water. After a period of time, the impurities in the beeswax will sink to the bottom, and the wax liquid on it can be taken out for later use.

2. For the prepared wax board, keep the temperature of the beeswax melt at about 70 degrees, and then pour the beeswax liquid on the wax board. After the beeswax is solidified, put the wax board in cold water and soak it. The beeswax flakes inside are separated from the wooden mold to obtain natural beeswax flakes.

3. If you don't want to make beeswax slices, you can also prepare a special mold according to your own needs. After pour the beeswax liquid into the mold, you can take it out after it is completely solidified to make beeswax blocks with different shapes.

Characteristics of natural beeswax blocks

1. Melting point (ºC): 62 - 65
2. Specific gravity at 20° - 25 ºC: 0.9500 - 0.9600
3. Refractive index at 75 ºC: 1.4398 -1.4455
4. Saponification cloud point (ºC), max.: 65
5. Acid value: 17 - 24
6. Ester-value: 70 - 79
7. Ester-acid ratio: 3.0 -4.3
8. Saponification value: 88 - 102
9. Iodine value, max.: 10
10. Ash, % by mass, max.: 0.6
11. Fats, fatty acid, Japan wax and rosin: to pass test
12. Hydrocarbons content: 18 %

Common beeswax block pictures

Different beeswax molds can be poured into beeswax of different shapes and styles