how to purify beeswax

Purification method of beeswax

1. Sunlight wax extraction method

The solar wax tanner is a rectangular wooden box or aluminum alloy box with aluminum or iron shallow trays. The front of the tray is low and the back is high. The front of the tray is wedge-shaped, which is the outlet for melting wax. There is an iron sheet under the tray. The upper part of the box is equipped with a glass cover to take the layer.

When drying the wax, put the raw beeswax into the wax radiator, cover the glass cover, and place it in full sunlight. After the beeswax is melted, it is filtered through a shallow pan, flows into the wax tank, and condenses into wax blocks, and the impurities will sink to the lower part. Although this method is simple to operate and low in cost, its extraction rate is also low, and the remaining beeswax must be extracted again by other methods.

2. Cooking extraction method

Put the raw beeswax into the pot, add water 3~4 times the mass of beeswax, boil for 20~30min, then put it into a sack or coarse cloth bag, and squeeze it with a lever. The method is simple and easy to implement, and the wax is relatively clean.

The commonly used method of operation at present is to put honeycomb and other beeswax raw materials into a sack or a box filled with a framed box, seal the box up and down with a 3mm filter, and immerse it in an iron bucket with water. Heat and boil, stir the sack with a stick to make the wax liquid float to the surface of the water, use a spoon to put the wax liquid in a container with cold water, and condense it into pure beeswax.

3. Press extraction method

Put the honeycomb spleen and other beeswax raw materials into the bag, put it into the press, fill the press with water (wax:water=1:4), pass in high-pressure steam to make the water boil, and then gradually Pressurize, squeeze the beeswax out, and become pure beeswax after cooling.

A heating press has been produced abroad, which is more efficient in processing crude wax raw materials: before pressing, crush the nest spleen and soak in water to separate the beeswax from other wastes, and then put it in a linen bag Put it into the heating press; then fill the press with water, and pass in high-pressure steam from the bottom to make it boil. Turn the screw on the top of the press to add pressure to the sack intermittently, and the beeswax will escape from the sack. Float out to the water.

4. Centrifuge separation and extraction method

Put the honeycomb and other beeswax raw materials into the centrifugal wax extractor, pass in steam to heat it to melt, and separate the beeswax under the action of centrifugal force.

Simple device and extraction steps

1. Put 2/3 volume of water in the aluminum pot and boil it. Tie the bag with beeswax raw material tightly with cotton thread, tie a slip knot, place it in water, and then boil the water.

2. Place the large bathtub diagonally and pour some cold water into it, so that half of the bottom area of ​​the basin is submerged in the water and half is exposed to the surface of the water, that is, the bottom of the basin is half wet and half dry.

3. Lift the freshly boiled bag containing beeswax with an iron clip, place it in a dry place above the bottom of the bathtub, press hard with a pressure plate to press out the wax inside, and let it flow into the water below the bottom of the basin . After cooling, remove and place in a medium water basin.

4. Put the wax bag that has not been squeezed completely back into the aluminum pot and continue heating. After the water boils, take out the wax bag with an iron clip, squeeze and extract the beeswax in the same way.

5. In this way, after a bag of wax is repeatedly burned, squeezed, and taken three times, open the bag and discard the wax residue. Then put a bag of beeswax raw materials, use the same method three times to burn, squeeze, and take the beeswax.

6. Pour out the sewage in the aluminum pot, wash it, and replace it with clean water.

7. Pour the beeswax extracted just now and put it in a medium-sized water basin, put it in an aluminum pot, cover the pot, and slowly bring it to a boil. Because beeswax is a flammable substance, it cannot be burned with an open flame, otherwise it will easily catch fire and cause waste and danger.

8. After it is boiled, in order to make the purified beeswax beautiful and good for sale, use a spoon to remove the bubbles that float on the surface of the wax in the pot. Take it out after it cools, and it becomes pure beeswax.